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Your body is communicating with you, at every moment, throughout the day. Listening and understanding the language your body speaks is vital. Sometimes your body will call you to stop for a moment, so that it can rejuvenate itself as you rest, filling you with renewed energy to carry out your daily activities. spa is the place where you get Adequate rest that affects more than just the body as the mind also gets the chance to take a short break from the rapid pace of life, offering relief from the moments of pressure, and indulging in the luxury of rest for renewed strength – for these cases, you have the option of spa.

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Villa spa in tel aviv Tel Aviv is the right place to rest both your body and your mind. Villa spa is a professional luxury spa in tel aviv, located in the heart of the big city of Tel Aviv. From the moment you open and step through the doors of our spa, you will be magically transported into an entirely different world featuring cool, serene and relaxing surroundings. Our green corner spa takes you closer to nature with gently swaying leaves and refreshing clean air. The soothing quietness and comfortable intimacy of our spa takes you away from the hustle and bustle of the big city and the pressure you may feel from trying to keep pace.

our spa offers Relaxing music, flowing water and gentle warmth help to relieve your stress, and give you the reassuring feeling that you are in the right place to take a much needed break from the overwhelming activity of the busy city. At Villa spa tel aviv, you will find a variety of massages and massage packages, designed to fit perfectly into a double treat day. Listen to your body and make sure that you always love the message of our spa.

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וילה ספא בתל אביב

וילה ספא, הינו הספא בוטיק הראשון בתל אביב אשר הוקם כמרכז ספא מקצועי הממוקם בלב ליבה של העיר הגדולה.

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